Holga Instant       

The Holga Instant is a Holga 120 
camera with an Instant back attached. There were several different Instan backs in the course of the Holga history. The first try was a back for Polaroid Pack 100 peel-apart film. With this back only a 6x6 cm (56x56mm to be exact) part of the film area is exposed, the rest remains black. The second try was a back for Polaroid SX70/600 integral film. Those I have seen had the same 6x6 exposure area, as the instant film plane was at the same spot where the roll film would have been. The main snag of this version is that the image is inversed. In Polaroid Cameras the integral film is exposed via a mirror. Without this bulky mirror the image is inversed.

The back shown here is for Fuji Instax Mini film. To cover the 46x62 mm image area, the film plane is a bit further away from the lens. In order to keep focussing right, there is an additional  lens which has to be attached in front of the Holga lens. This back is not motorized as the Diana Instant back. After the exposure you have to push the photo via a lever towards the rollers and then turn a crank handle to squeeze the photo through the rollers. This is quite easy and works well. No batteries are required and the price of the back was much lower than the price of a Diana Instant back.
 The main features of the Holga Instant are:

60mm simple plastic menikus lens + correction lens, ~F13 and F20, zone focus 1- 
Shutter ~1/100, B
Size 140x140x105,  Weight 448 gr.
Picture size
99x62 mm, image area 46x62 mm, covers full Instax Mini format

Camera front. Viewer and correction lens attached.

More pictures of the camera and examples of pictures taken with this camera are on my plastic camera website The link opens in a new window.