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This is one of the non-automatic Polaroid cameras with manual exposure setting. They have much brighter optics. They were only slightly more expensive (30$) than the top range automatic cameras of the same period. Today these are very sought-after models and the prices have gone up beyond reason.

The housing of the film is based on the 100 model, an entirely metal body without the battery compartment. These are the main features of the original 195 camera:

- Lens: 114mm, f/3.8 4-element Tominon
- Shutter: Seikosha leaf shutter, 1 - 1/500 sec
- Flash: M and X sync.
- Built-in self-timer ("V" setting on flash sync lever)
- Manual exposure. (either by conventional shutter/aperture settings, or by the EV system)
- Separate-window range/viewfinder assembly (like Model 100).
- Built-in mechanical development timer.

Mine is a Special Edition, built by Polaroid for a reknown American photographer, specially made to his demands. He wanted the best features of all the cameras. It has been used quite a lot. I bought it from his son for only little money. The changes are:

- based on a 360 body with it's electronic timer and it's
- Zeiss single-window viewfinder
- hot-shoe instead of custom 360 flash shoe, a very useful feature.

Some photos:

The Polaroid 195 "Special Edition"


Right side


Left side

Bottom with tripod mount

Seen from above


Folded with attached cover