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This page describes how to make a standard adapter for the Fuji Instax Mini 50.

The base is a colour filter for the Instax Mini 50, which comes from a set of 4, available on internet and auction sites. There are variants for the differnt models. The second is a standard adapter 28mm to 52mm. I chose 52mm, as I own numerous accessories in 52mm, however any other size would be possible as well.

On the first go I took out the filter, it's just clipsed into the white holder, and then I glued the 28mm adapter into the opening via 2-part epoxy resin. Result: very slight vignetting in normal mode and slight vignetting in landscape mode.


On the second go (after disassembling) I sanded down the holder by a good mm. New gluing with 2-part epoxy resin and it's all fine.

Row above: first go, row below: after sanding..

The new filter adapter.

With a Cokin filter holder and a special effects filter.


There you are. Yes, I did try the same procedure with a filter for the Instax Wide 210. However, there is heavy vignetting, even after sanding. So you have to find a different way of fixing. I'm working on it.