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This page describes how to make a standard adapter for the Fuji Instax Mini 7s.

There is a Holga LFA-F7S adapter to use Holga accessories on the Instax Mini. It slides easily on the tube of the optics and adheres very well. Unfortunately the opening of the Holga is much to small (calculated to cover 4x4cm), which gives a heavy vignetting. With a standard adapter 37mm to 52mm you can easily make an adapter for standard accessories. I chose 52mm, as I own numerous accessories in 52mm, however any other size would be possible as well.

Both adapters, the Holga and the standard.

The Holga with a bigger opening, ready to accept the 37mm-52mm.

Both glued with 2-part epoxy resin and slid on the tube of the Instax. No vignetting anymore.

With the famous Nikon WC-e75, but you can screw on loads of other accessory as well.

A real wide angle, the difference between the two photos is evident. Happy DIYing!!!