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This page describes the conversion from the old unfindable battery towards 2 AAA standard batteries. It's valid for all series 100 cameras from 100 to 450 with a metal body. For those with plastic bodies or if you want a functionning timer as well, see the conversion to CR123 or CR2 on these pages.

So here is a conversion which doesn't alter your camera at all:

Original battery compartment (very clean).

Unscrew the battery holder (just one screw) and put the screw back so that it doesn't get lost. Pull the black wire towards the right.

These are the two necessary parts: an AA battery holder for 2 batteries and an adapter AAA to AA. You'll find both easily on internet auction sites.

Without AA batteries it fits easily into the compartment, with 2 AA batteries it's just too big.

Cut the adapter as seen on the photo with a good knife or cutter. Only the two little pieces on the left are needed.

The two adapter pieces put on the AAA batteries.

Everything put into the Holder.

Put into the battery compartment.

Connect the black contact first. As the connectors are a little bit too wide, the white one will be slightly slanting, but it will hold on securely.

I did this conversion with the modell 100. 3 volt are easily sufficient to make it function although the original battery had 4.5v. Obviously they wanted a margin and today's batteries are better.

There is a second conversion on these pages towards a CR 123/CR2 battery which shows a solution for corroded connectors as well. Happy DIYing!