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This page describes the conversion from the old unfindable battery towards a CR123 or CR2 battery. It's valid for all series 100 cameras from 100 to 450 with a metal body. For those with plastic bodies one of the 4 plastic holders for the old battery has to be cut. If you want a functionning timer as well, you will have to get two CR2 holders instead of one CR123 holder. Both have the same diameter, but the CR2 holder is shorter. So you can fit two of these into the battery compartment.

At the bottom of this page you'll find a photo of a conversion to CR123 with corroded connectors in a plastic body.

So here is a conversion which doesn't alter your camera at all (except those with plastic bodies):

The original battery compartment. Everything stays in place.

These are the two parts necessary for the conversion: a CR123 battery holder and a connector for a battery pack. You'll find both easily on internet auction sites.

Separate (cut in two) the 2 contacts of the pack connector. There are ridgid (as shown above) and flexible ones, both are fine.

Solder the connectors to the holder. Attention!!! The red wire as to be soldered to the - and the black wire to +. Otherwise you would have to invert the battery.

The holder fits easily into the battery compartment. Now you can join the connectors to each other.

A conversion that keeps you camera in it's original state. As with the other conversion, 3v are easily sufficient for the functionning of a 100 type camera, even if the original battery had 4.5v. A big advantage: a CR123 battery keeps ages.

One more photo, showing a camera with plastic body, it's a 430.

To fit the battery holder into it's comparment, one of the 4 plastic holders for the old battery has to be cut. The three remaining ones would still hold a battery of the ancient type. In this camera the connectors were completely corroded. I had to cut them and I soldered the wires directly to the new holder. The white cable is + and the black one -.