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When I came across a Polaroid Big Shot in good condition, the famous Andy Warhol camera, freshly put on Ebay, buy now, for very little money, I had to buy it. There was a flash Polaroid 268 as a gift coming with it, not compatible, but always welcome. The Big Shot can't be used without flash and it has to be Magicubes, which have a guide number of 25 (Philips) or 32 (Osram).* There is more information on flash bulbs at the end of the page.

Remained flash question, Magicubes being quite expensive and rare. I knew that there was a rare gem, the National PW-110 adapter, but I couldn't get my hands on it until now for a reasonable price. After searching the web in English, I tried to do it in French. Nothing either. 2 hours later one last attempt in German. And what do I get? A PW-110 in France, brand new, never served, at 4,90€. I placed the order, I didn't really believe it, but I received the confirmation.

After delivery I've tested everything, all fine, the PW-110 is doing its job. I put it in the place of a Magicube. It's got a hot shoe, you can put any flash in it. Mine has on the picture a guide number of 25. I put it in full flash, without electronic adjustment. I left darken/lighten in middle position and it's well lit. I tested with fuji 100b a little outdated.

So here are the photos :

The big shot, the incompatible flash and the National PW-110

The rare gem, the National PW-110 adapter

The big shot with flash

And the picture taken, it's one of my favorit Polaroid cameras.

There is a second page about other Magicube replacement possibilities.

* Some more information about the guide numbers of flash bulbs:

Flashcubes 25
Magicubes 25 or 32 (Philips gives 25, Osram 32, Sylvana doesn't indicate)
Hi-Power cubes 34
blue bulbs (AG-1b or PF-1b) 40
white bulbs (PF-1 or M3) 65