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There are two sets of creative and /or effect filters for Polaroid Spectra/Image cameras and nothing like this for SX cameras. It would therefore be desirable if these filters could be used in some way on SXs. On the Shapeways website you can buy an adapter that adapts the Spectra/Image filter holder to the SX filter holder #113. So you need both filter holders and the filters of course.

The adapter between the two is here (the link opens in a new window). I ordered it and it was delivered to me.

Here's everything united.

../jpgpolaacc/sx_image_system_adapter_IMG_4860. JPG
My SX670, the #113, the filters and this adapter.

Ready for assembly.

The adapter mounted on holder #113.

Spectra/image holder mounted on it.

All mounted on the camera.

With a filter.

I tried it, no problem. On the other hand, I find the quality of the adapter mediocre, it's printed in 3D, the file is in free use. Maybe it's better to do it yourself if you can. I told Shapeways about the problem, they paid me back a portion of the money.

And then, in the end, you can do without it. It's pretty silly, I've never tried it before. So investing in this adapter has payed, otherwise I wouldn't have found the simplest solution:

A piece of cardboard in #113 and the filter is at the right height! It works, I tried it! On the other hand, for color filters that stick out from the holder to the cell, you still need the adapter.