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This page is about the compatibility between the Mamiya Universal and the Polaroid 600SE backs.

At first sight the
 Mamiya Universal and the Polaroid 600SE backs resemble each other a lot. So you could ask yourself whether it wouldn't be possible to just change the "claws". The answer is: no, you can't. Just changing them isn't sufficient, the hights are not the same.

Mamiya Universal

Polaroid 600SE

It isn't that easy. As you can see on the photos there is a difference in height of 0.4mm. This is also true for the claws, the basis of the 600SE claws with their slits is 0.4mm higher than the basis of the Mamiya claws. If the seals of the camera are new, it might be fixed if you file the claws a little, but it isn't really stable.

I've done the conversion several times. The easiest way is to change the claws. They can be easily unscrewed and rescrewed. If you want to change a 600SE back into a Universal back, unscrew the 600SE claws. You will have to insert very tiny shims, 0.4mm thick, between the Mamiya claws and the frame and then fix the screws. This is a bit fiddly. The back will now attach without any filing.

If you want to attach a Universal back to a 600SE, unscrew the Universal claws, file the basis of the 600SE claws down by 0.4mm and fix them with their screws. The back will easily attach to a 600SE. I had no focus issues because of the 0.4mm difference in height.

Just one more advice: be careful, there is a late version of the pack 100 back which is all plastic. It's base lacks the shiny metal surfaces, it's all black. All those I have seen were made in the Netherlands. The claws of this back cannot be unscrewed, they are riveted. So no changing of the claws without big trouble.