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The Instax Wide 200 is the second standard model of the Wide series. It's features:

Film Fujifilm Instant Color Film "Instax Wide"
Picture size 62 x 99mm
Lens Move in/out type lens, 2 components, 2 elements, f=95mm, 1:14
Viewfinder Real image finder, 0.52x , with target spot
Focusing Motor-driven 2-range switching: 0.9 - 3m/3m - ∞, Shooting range: 0.9m - ∞, Landscape Mode (3m - ∞)
Shutter Release
Programmed electronic shutter release, 1/64 - 1/200 sec. shutter speed
Exposure control Automatic, Interlocking range (ISO 800): LV10.5 - LV15.5, Compensation (Lighten-Darken Control): 2/3EV
Film Feeding Automatic ejection
Built-in, Automatic electronic flash, fill-in mode
Exposure counter (number of unexposed films), index range, L/D mode, flash mode
Power Supply 4 AA  batteries, Capacity: 10 film packs approx.
Others Film pack confirmation window
Dimensions & Weight 178.5 x 94.5 x 117.5 mm(W x H x D), 650g (without batteries, strap and film pack)

The Instax 200 is the second standard model of Instax Wide series, it came out in 2008. The big, toy-like, round design has been much criticized, but was maintained for the 210 model in 2009. The sensor sits on the lens tube, it must not be covered by accessories. An easy-to-use, robust camera that produces reliable results.

Some photos:

Fuji Instax Wide 200


Upper side

Bottom, no tripod fixation

Right side, LCD and operation buttons