Diana F+ Instant

Instant Back was one of the main reasons for me to get into the Diana system. I am quite into instant photography, including DIY solutions. The Diana Back is a Fuji Instax Mini back, motorized, as all the Fuji Instax Mini cameras. As the Diana hardly covers the 6x6 format, there is a lens to put inside the diana to match the 6.2x4.6cm format of the Instax Mini Film and the new position of the film plane. Putting this lens and attaching the back is easy. The 800 ISO of the Fuji film work well with the Diana. The picture results were better than expected.

Its main features are:

75mm simple plastic menikus lens, ~F8, F16, F22, 3-zone focus 1-2m, 2-4m, 4m-, 0,35-0,7m in close focus mode. Pinhole setting F128
Shutter ~1/60, B
Size 128x117x104,  Weight 350 gr.
motorized Fuji Instax Mini back, takes 2 CR2 batteries, hook to block shutter in B position

Camera front.

More pictures of the camera and examples of pictures taken with this camera are on my plastic camera website The link opens in a new window.