Diana Instant Square

Diana Instant Square is a new Diana Camera, based on the Diana F+, but completely re-designed around the Instax Square film. It's an Instax only camera, no adaption to roll film possible. It has automatic motorized ejection, there is a switch for multiple exposure. The rest is basic Diana feeling.

An extensive page you will find on my pastic(k) camera pages. Link opens in a new window.

Its main features are:

75mm simple plastic menikus lens, F11, F19, F32, 3-zone focus 1-2m, 2-4m, 4m-. Pinhole setting F150
Shutter 1/100, B
Size 130x155x105 including finder,  Weight 440 gr. with film and batteries
Motorized ejection, for Fuji Instax Square Film, takes 4 AAA batteries, hook to block shutter in B position, flash accessories
The camera, it's accessories and Diana glass lens, promoted with the camera.
Street on a late november day, "sunny to cloudy" setting. 75mm glass lens. Good sharpness in my opinion.

For more info see link above.