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This is a passport or identity card camera from GBC (General Binding Corporation). It takes photos on Polaroid Pack 100 film in passport size (4 different photos on one picture) in passport size. GBC sold the material for making identity cards for companies and congresses. Mine does not work, so I opened it to search for the problem. So there are photos from the inside as well. The camera is very sturdy, it weighs more than 5kg.

So here are some photos:


Left side (right side looks similar).

Back side.

Back open.

Control panel.

Lens and (maybe) sensor.

Aperture setting by turning the lens barrel.

The upper and the bottom part come off easily, just 4 screws to pull each time. It's a modular system, easy to repair.

Seen from top: printed circuit and fuse.

Seen from bottom.

Right side, bottom.

Looking inside from right side, top.

Left side, bottom.

Left side, top.

Flash is held by 2 screws and it's detachable.