instantphoto.eu              Graflex Pacemaker Crown Graphic with Instax Back
Still hoping for the return of either 4x5 Polaroid or Fuji Instant film, I console myself with Fuji Wide material. The back shown is a 3D print to receive a Lomo Belair Instant Back. These backs are a bit rare nowadays, but they show up from time to time. I have one on a Mamiya Universal, made by Option8, and I took this one from my Belair as it was rarely used. I haven't done the printing and assembly myself, but a good friend who did this for me told me that it isn't too complicated. There is no room in the Belair back for a dark slide (so my mamiya back has none). To have room for it, the back was raised. The inconvenience of raising it is that you need a raised ground glass for focussing. So the back has a corresponding ground glass.

Two photos:

Front. The handle just passes at the side of the body, so you have to remove the camera grip or you would have to detach the back after each photo.

Seen from the back.

There is more information on this site (link will open in a new window).