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This is a small digital printer for thermal paper strips, widely used in supermarket check-out systems, cash machines or petrol stations. The paper is black and white only and comes in cheap rolls. This one is called GuKKK Mini Portable Thermal Printer, it has a very sober design. There are other versions with different names and designs, but the technical features seem to be nearly the same.

There is little technical information and the manual is tiny and short.

1200 mAh rechageable lithium battery via USB
Bluetooth connection 2.1/4.2
200dpi resolution

App made by Shenzen 100cow Technology Co.

Size: 8.2 x .8.2 x 4.5 cm
Weight: 210gr with new roll of paper
Picture size: variable, banner printing possible

The bundle.

The bundle unpacked, box with printer, 5 rolls of paper, colour pencils
for colouring the prints.

What's in the box: printer, USB cable, short instructions booklet, one roll of paper already installed in the printer. Next to the USB socket on the bottom there is a tiny lamp which lights when charging. It'off when the battery is fully charged.

The front. Ready lamp on and printer eject

Paper roll trap open.

The App "TinyPrint" on a smartphone connected via Bluethooth. If you click on the camera symbol you can also access photos stored on your phone.

Photo ready to be printed. The app adapts it to the width of the paper which is small.

If you want a bigger photo, just turn it 90 and it's adaped again.


Print torn off.

The basic handling is very easy. The printer is relatively small and light. The plastic seems to be on the better quality side. Switching the printer on is fine, you press the "On" button for 2 seconds and it lights up. Connecting to the smartphone is easy as well, start the app and it will be connected. It reminds you if bluetooth isn't on. Why it wants location data on when you click on "my device", I don't know, at least it doesn't share these data, as it continues with data connection off. But usually it prints without data connection and without location data.

The menu is easy, there is quite some choice.
If you click on the camera symbol you can also access photos stored on your phone. Otherwise you can draw, write, access to a wide range of labels, to-do lists and other patterns, as well as choose from many ready-made drawings. Even printing a banner is possible. If your phone is connected to the web, printing from websites is also available. The app works well on my Android phone. Translation from Chinese is not finished at all points and the German isn't terrible, but as it's logic and easy, you get along very well.

The printed photos are OK seen the print medium used. I did not expect much and I was positively surprised.

Putting a roll of paper is very easy, you just drop it into the compartment and guide the end of the strip out of it before closing the lid. A roll of better quality paper gives about 70 prints. At the moment offers are 10€ for 5 rolls. That makes 3 cents a photo. You can use thinner cash machine paper, which is less than 10€ for 10 rolls, these give 100 photos which brings the cost down to 1 cent per photo. Rolls have to be 57mm wide (a standard), but not more than 30mm in diameter (a standard as well).

It's a marvellous tool for short notes, reminders and to share information, even photos. The bundle was only 25€, that's almost ridiculous for a nice tool which makes fun as well.