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The Keystone 800 shown on this page is a very interesting clone of the Polaroid pack 100 cameras. It introduces an electronic flash to basic Polaroid cameras. Except the top range 360 and the late ProPack, no Polaroid pack camera had electronic flash. Technically it's near to the Colorpack II, but the shutter has to be cocked separately, as on the folding series. Flash handling is completely different to Polaroid, it sets a fixed speed and aperture is coupled to the distance set on the optics. It has a tripod socket, a user guide on the camera and needs ordinary AA batteries.

Technical features:

Lens: 114mm, f/9.2 3-element plastic
Shutter: Electronic, range about 10 sec. - 1/500
Size: approx. 18,5x13,5x14cm, Weight: 850gr.
Automatic exposure system
Settings for 75 and 3000 speed films (fixed aperture of 9 and 45)
Electronic flash with fixed speed and range-coupled aperture

Keystone obviously had no Polaroid license, but as the cameras helped to sell Polaroid film, they have never been sued. There were other models, most of them less interesting: the 750, similar to the 800 but without flash (it takes flashbars, like the SX-70), the 850, same model as the 800 but with rechargeable batteries (which all have died by now) and two SX-70 clones, the XF-1000, similar to the 2000 or the Pronto! (also branded as Porst 500) and the XF-1500 with electronic flash (also branded Revue Direct).

So here are some photos of the Keystone 800:

The camera.

Right side. Shutter has to be cocked manually. The flash only charges when the shutter is cocked.


Left side with electronic timer.

User guide on camera.

Second model, slightly different, with silver ring around the lens and different timer.