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The Kodamatic 980L is the top model of the series. It's the only one which has autofocus. As all Kodamatics it uses Trimprint HS144 instant film.

For some general information please have a look at this page.

Technical features:

All automatic, F 11, F 16, F 27
Shutter 1/4 - 1/150
Autofocus, 0.9m - ∞
Thyristor flash

Lens: 110mm

So here are some photos of the 
Kodamatic 980L:

The original box.

Box open.

Papers and accessories. There were even letters to put your monogram on the back of the camera. The 970L and the 980L had a 5 year warranty.

The camera, folded.

Camera unfolded.

Right side.


Battery compartment. Takes 4 AA batteries.

Film comparment.