Lomo Belair X 6-12 Instant

The Lomo Belair X 6-12 Instant is a basic Belair with an Instant back attached. The basic Belair is shown here. The Instant back takes Fuji Instax Wide film. Its main features are:

Size (mm): 205 x 120 x 64 body with instax back
Weight: 770 g
Lens: LOMO Plastic 8/58, 8/90, closest focus 1 m
Shutter: electronic, B >1 - 1/125, F 8 or 16
Finder: 2 simple finders, 1 for each lens
Film advance: crank handle

Here are some photos of the camera with the Instax back is attached.

Front, with Instax back attached, 90mm lens.

More pictures of the camera and examples of pictures taken with this camera are on my plastic camera website The link opens in a new window.