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A description of the Lomo'Instant Square
is here. This page is for a very useful accessory, a glass wide lens. It screws into the filter thread.

Some pictures of the lens:

What's in the box. T
he lens with 2 caps, a bag and a short description.

Lens screwed to the folded camera..

The camera with the lens attached open.

The cap is very useful if you leave the lens on the camera.

Just to give you an idea, some photos, taken with and without this lens:

∞, very dark day, without lens.

∞, very dark day, with wide  lens.

Veranda, very dark day 2m, no flash, without lens, 2m.

Veranda, very dark day 2m, no flash, with wide lens, 2m.

0.4m, wide lens, flash.

0.2m, wide lens, flash. 

The lens is quite heavy an solid. It screws well into the filter thread. With the cap on it you can leave it on the camera. Focussing is fine. There is softness towards the edges and some colour cast in the edges as well. The angle of view is much wider. Lomo says that it focusses down to 50cm. You can go much nearer. On the last photo the first jar is as near as 20cm (!) from the lens. It's a very useful accessory in my opinion.