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The Lomo'Instant Wide camera 
partially fills a gap that Fuji didn't want close. Fuji makes wonderful instant film that could be professionally used, but only makes crappy cameras with very limited specifications. It has many features that Instax cameras do not have, as: B mode, long exposure times, filter thread, flash socket, remote control, multiple exposures, exchangeable viewers and an ultra wide angle lens.

Technical Specifications:

Film: Fujifilm Instax Wide Film
Exposure Area: 62mm x 99mm
Focal Length: 90mm (35mm equivalent)
Exposure type: Programmed Automatic
Aperture: f/8, f/22
Shutter Speed range: Bulb (Bulb Mode), 8s-1/250s (Auto Shooting Mode), 1/30s (Fixed Shutter Speed Mode)
Exposure Compensation: +1/-1 Exposure Values (Ambient)
Ejection: Motorized
Exposure counter window: Yes
Multiple Exposures: Yes
Built-in Flash Guide Number: 13 (m)
Built-in Flash: Automatic Electronic Flash or Flash Off Mode
Flash cable socket: Yes
Closest Focusing Distance: 0.6m (0.1m with the Close-Up Lens)
Zone Focusing Setting: 0.6m / 1-2m / infinite
Tripod Mount: Yes
Remote control transmission: Infrared
Remote Control Range: In sunshine: 1-2m, Indoors: 5m
Battery Supply: 4 x AA batteries (4 x 1.5V)
Remote Control Battery Supply: 1 x 2025 battery (3V)
Filter Thread: 49mm
Size: 19 x 12 x 9.5 cm
Weight: 640 gr.

Accessories: (ultra) wide angle lens and viewer, close-up lens, splitzer, colour filters for flash, light painting pen, strap, caps.

Some pictures of the camera:

The set, nicely packed.

What's in the box...

The camera front...

...from both angles.

Back side with control panel.

Back open.

Camera mounted on a tripod. The grip is a HorusBennu grip attached to a Manfrotto 200PL style quick release plate, a special plate made by HorusBennu for their grips. It allows you to use the camera, with the grip attached, on a Manfrotto RC2 Rapid Connect Adapter.

One of the most prominent features of this camera is its ability to shoot night views. The automatic exposure system gets it right without any problem and in case there is still the B mode. The remote control built into the lens cap is a wonderful idea. The tripod helps a lot, and it's centered (the only 2 Instax cameras with tripod mount, the 500AF and the 300, have an extremely excentered mount). The lens is much more luminous (F 8) than the Fuji ones (F 12.8/F 14), all are plastic. The close-up lens lets you get as close as 10 (!) cm. The ultra wide angle lens with its dedicated viewer is a very nice feature, with some experience you can well frame ultra wide with the normal viewer, so no need to change viewers too often. The rest of the accessories are nice gadgets, multiple exposures with the help of the splitzer are fun. An accessory that I would like, would be a tele lens and its viewer. Maybe Lomo will make one if many of us ask them...

Just to give you an idea, some photos, taken with this camera on expired film (sorry, low quality scans):

0.6m, flash.

0.6m, no flash

2m, flash.

∞, dull day.

∞, from the same point, wide angle lens.

∞, without flash, blue sky in winter (on a christmas market), the dark corner up right isn't vignetting, it's the roof of a stand.

2m, without flash at dusk, round-about, still.

2m, without flash at dusk, round-about in motion.

Some night photos:

2m, without flash, subway station.

∞, without flash, Cologne, 4711 building.

∞, without flash, Cologne, Hohe Strasse.

∞, without flash, Cologne, entrance of the cathedral.

∞, without flash, Cologne, main station.

∞, without flash, Cologne, main station, wide angle from the same point.

∞, without flash, Cologne, railway bridge with passing train.

∞, without flash, Cologne, river Rhine, wide angle.