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This a common special gear, the Vivitar Instant Slide Copier, similar to the Polaroid Daylab Junior. It allows to make copies of diapositives on Pack 100 film in a very easy way, just put the diapositive into the frame, push the button and it's done. From the 50s to the 70s diapositives were sharper and had more details than colour negative film, so they were very popular. Nearly every shop for film and gear had some slide copier to provide paper copies of diapositives to their clients. This is a very basic item. It is focus free, and even does not let you adjust colours.

It works with 4 C-type batteries. There was a 220 to 6 volt converter available, but most were bought without. If you don't make 100s of copies, you can well use it on batteries.

Some pictures:

The Vivitar Instant Slide Copier.

Seen from the back, an easy introduction, no manual necessary.

Front panel with slide holder. Operating is easy. Switch it on. The flash charges. Put your slide on the little backlit screen and choose your framing. Insert the slide and push the "print" button. That's it. Pull the photo and set timer if necessary (gives a short signal after 30 and 90 sec.). The flash ready lamp lights after a few seconds. If the "OK" lamp doesn't light after some 30s, the batteries are low.

Film compartment open.

Battery compartment. Takes 4 "C"-type batteries. Under the little lid between compartment and instructions you will find a special socket to plug a 6 volt converter.

Look inside.