instantphoto.eu              Polaroid #4037 Flash Adapter

This is an adapter
that goes into the flashcube socket of a Polaroid Reporter, an EE100 or even a Propack camera and lets you use the old #268 bulb flash. It's not the famous Polaroid #169 Adapter that lets you connect an electronic flash.

If you use M3 bulbs in the #268 flash, you will have a guide number of 65. That's a lot more than a flashcube with a guide number of 25. Just for fun, some guide numbers taken from the packages I own:

Flashcube 25
Magicube 25 or 32
Hi-power cube 34
Blue bulbs (lb-1b) 40
White bulbs (pf-1 ou m3) 65

Some photos:

The original box...

The content of the box: the flahcube adapter, an adapter to fix the #268 to the camera, which attaches around the viewer and the instructions.


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