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Here is a tele and wide lens kit made by Lentar. It is similar to the Lentar kit for pack 100 cameras I have. The viewfinder is an accessory shoe type model, so it's not for pack 100. I do not yet know for which Polaroid camera it was made. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

The case.

Case open.

The kit with two lenses, covers, viewfinder for better framing and a kind of home-made shade which might not belong to set as it does not fit to the lenses. The lenses are similar to the other kit I have, but the inscriptions are not the same.

There was an adapter screwed onto one lens. It's an Enalite #663, Bay Series VI female to a bit more tha 45mm male. The Lentar lens thread is not 44mm but Bay Series VI which is close. So you cannot screw the Bay Series VI Lentar lens into a 44mm female thread without forcing it a bit. I do not know what standard the other side of the adapter could be. It's not 45mm as on the Polaroid 180/195 cameras ans it's not 46mm. The Pathfinder cameras had push-on filters.

As said above:
If you have suggestions, please let me know.