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The Braun BVC 370 computer flashes were very advanced and versatile when they came out. They had a Polaroid SX70 (and a Kodak Instant) setting. They are more powerful than the other SX70 flashes and they get it right on different distances.

The flash is easy to use: plug it to the camera, switch it on, put it in Polaroid mode and that's it. It connects to the camera, no settings to be made.

The flash and the SX70 connected. There was a special SX70 mount, I have it stored somewhere, but I don't have it at the moment...

Seen from the back..

The slider and range setting have both to be set to P" for Polaroid.

The cable. It is necessary, but I did not find a second one.

The flash is a very good accessory if you have the cable. It gets it right under most circumstances. You can use the darken/lighten wheel for fine tuning.