instantphoto.eu              SX70 Remote Shutter #112

This is a SX70 Remote Shutter #112, it attaches to the SX70 Camera socket.

The box.
Just a push button, a cable and a plug-

Plugged into the socket of the camera.

The little notice is just on the back of the box.

If you need a longer cable and if
you are not afraid of tinkering, you can cut an existing remote shutter in two and put in an ordinary 2-wire cable. This needs insulating and soldering. Or just take a 2-wire cable, strip some cm on both ends, induce all wires with solder tin, separate the 2 wires at one end and put the 2 wires of the other end into the socket holes. To fire the camera, just join the 2 wires of the free end and hold until the camera ejects. Disclaimer: You should know what you do and it's at your own risk.