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This is a very useful accessory for the cameras of the Polaroid SX70 folding series. It was sold under different brandings. It attaches to all models, even those without tripod socket and provides the missing socket for those.

It is easy to use: plug it to the camera, switch it on and that's it. It connects to the camera, no settings to be made.

The flash stored in its original box.

Flash and base.

Tripod socket provided.

Both parts attached-

Seen from the back.The flash
can be attached and inclined according to the inclined front of the folding SX70.

Flash connected to a SX70. Takes 4 AA batteries.

Seen from the back.

Side view.

Seen from the underside.

If you just want a tripod socket, you can detach the flash. With the flash detached it doesn't add to much to the size of the SX.