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On a German auction site there was Fuji FP-100C for sale and the seller indicated that it had been deepfrozen. I contacted him and he assured that there would be no difference to unfrozen film. I knew that Polaroid original film would be ruined by deepfreezing. So we discussed this on a French Polaroid forum. In the end, nobody had some reliable information. To know more, we had to test. I froze some colour film and a swiss member froze some b&w film and some colour film for a lontime test.

After a week of freezing at -20C in a Tupperware style box, two days of thawing at the bottom of the refrigerator, and one night at room temperature, I unpacked the film pack. Nothing special to see. I put it in an EE100 camera. No problem with the black paper dark slide. Then I took a picture, no darken or lighten. No problem getting the photo out of the camera, no smudges. I waited 100 seconds (it was 20 degrees that winter morning in the south of France). Result:

No difference with a fresh pack, Really none!!!

one problem less since Pack 100 film has been discontinued. It's the opposite of what has been said, but apparently nobody tried. It only applies to Fuji FP film, it probably doesn't work with old Polaroid film.

I'm putting in some pictures:

My veranda that morning, neutral position.

Canal du Midi, backlight, 1 notch to darken

Canal du Midi, full sun, neutral position.

Canal du Midi, plein sunlight, 1 notch to darken

The test for the b&w film, frozen for some months, showed no difference either. The longtime test for colour film showed some slight colour alterations with the swiss member of the forum. So I made anothe 6-month test. It showed a slight magenta cast after separation of the photo from the negative. The cast disappeared exposing the photos to bright daylight for 2 days.

Disclaimer: There is no warranty for your film if you do this. It's entirely your liability.

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